Sights in the area

The Hooglandhoeve is located in the middle of the triangle Antwerp (B), Hasselt (B) and Eindhoven (NL) and is easily accessible. Geel, the compassionate city, known for its family nursing dating back to the Middle Ages, is part of the Antwerpse Kempen. The landscape is characterized by a sandy soil, heath, fens and peat areas. In the vicinity of the Hooglandhoeve there are a number of sights that are definitely worth a visit.

Nearby the Hooglandhoeve

Lock 9 in Larum

'Sas 9'

Lock 9, or as it is popularly said "Sas 9", is the penultimate lock before the Herentals-Bocholt canal empties into the Albert Canal. The construction of this smaller canal and lock was originally commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, but was halted after his reign. The first Belgian king, Leopold I, completed the canal between 1843 and 1846 and lock 9 lives on in its original state to this day.

Located just 650 meters from the residence, this is the ideal place to have a quiet picnic on a bench, have a drink at the tavern "Den Thijs" or start a nice bike ride.

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Old windmill in Ten Aard

Windmill "van 't Veld"

In the vicinity of the B&B you will find a fully restored windmill from 1796. From April to September, when the weather is favorable, you can visit this windmill every second and fourth Sunday of the month between 2 pm and 5 pm. The mill is then in operation and can be visited with a guide. Next to the mill is a bakery museum.

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Bailey bridge at the Mosselgoren

Bailey bridge

Within walking distance of the B&B you will find a typical Bailey bridge over the Bocholt – Herentals canal. This bridge, whose design dates back to the Second World War, was erected “provisionally” in 1963 by the 11th Engineer Battalion to replace the Vierendeel Bridge that was blown up in 1940.

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Local walking areas

Nature reserve 'Neerhelst'

Neerhelst-De Botten

The Neerhelst-De Botten nature reserve is only 250 m from the B&B. It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Geel. This nature reserve consists of a very beautiful varied landscape with meadows, rows of pollard willows and wooded edges. Calcareous Meuse water seeps out of the canal here and wells up in this area. It is therefore an attraction for all kinds of flora, bird species and insects.

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Nature reserve 'Mosselgoren'


On the other side of the Bocholt-Herentals canal is the Mosselgoren nature reserve. Here you will find a variety of isotopes ranging from alder swamp forests to reed beds and pools. There are also rare birds such as reed bunting, bluethroat, reed warbler, nightingale, ... On the club path in this area you imagine yourself in a mangrove forest!

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The Provincial Green Domain


A little further from the Hooglandhoeve, about ten kilometers by bike, you will find the provincial domain Prinsenpark. In this 215 hectare domain you can walk, cycle, jog and observe all kinds of plants and animals. Bird hides are provided at the various ponds. Spread over the domain, benches are provided for a cozy picnic or to just relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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The Provincial Green Domain

Hoge Mouw

Between Herentals and Retie is the Kempische Heuvelrug, a remnant of inland dunes that arose when the sea withdrew here. In the middle of this, between Lichtaart and Kasterlee, you will find the provincial domain Hoge Mouw. In addition to being a popular place for mountain bikers, hikers, joggers and horse riders, the Kabouterberg play forest is a major attraction for children.

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Recreational Parks

pretpark Bobbejaanland


Initially founded by the Flemish singer Bobbejaan Schoepen, Bobbejaanland is now an extensive amusement park with attractions for young and old, wet and dry, wild or quiet. All this fun is only 6 km from the residence, along quiet Kempen country roads.

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Provincial Recreation Area 'Zilvermeer'


Fancy sailing, water surfing, swimming or sunbathing? For this you can go to the Zilvermeer in Mol. The former sand extraction pits offer many opportunities for activities on and around the water. For example, the top-quality white sand that was mined here and is acclaimed worldwide, has left behind beautiful, white sand beaches. Perfect for those who enjoy sun and water.

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The city of Geel


The Hooglandhoeve is located in Larum, a borough of the city of Geel, the "Merciful City". This city is known worldwide for its family nursing. Following the example of its patron saint, Saint Dimpna, in Geel people with mental problems are taken care of in families and cared for in the Public Psychiatric Hospital. It is precisely this family care that makes Geel unique worldwide and an example of integrated care. Palmenmarkt is also known, an annual fair that starts on the Friday before Palm Sunday and lasts 5 days. Every 5 years, a grand tour takes place during the Dimpna Days. Dozens of extras and live animals then depict the life of the patron saint, Saint Dimpna. In the same period, the theater spectacle GheelaMania takes you into the legend of Dimpna.

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